Mr Donn's Lesson Plan - Start of the Russian Revolution Illustration

Mr. Donn's Lesson Plan
Start of the Russian Revolution

Lesson Plan for World History (3-4 days)
Russian Revolution
Critical Thinking Skills
Grade 9 Social Studies
Don Donn; USA

Start of the Russian Revolution

Break the students into 5 groups.

Have the students research the lives of the following 5 people:

  1. Czar Nicholas II

  2. Rasputin

  3. Alexander Kerensky

  4. V.I. Lenin

  5. Lev Trotsky

If you have a larger class or if you want smaller groups you can add Alexandra (Czarina) and Anastasia.

Students are to determine as a group the pivotal or turning point of their lives from their research.

The pivotal moment can be either a personal pivotal point or a pivotal point for the country.

The group will then create a short one-act/one scene play about that pivotal moment and perform it in front of the class.

Have the group turn in to you a written copy of the play including dialogue and stage (movement) directions. They may create quick props out of paper if necessary.

This lesson is a lot of fun. The kids did a really good job with it. You need the kids to understand what a pivotal moment is, so do that first.

At the end of their "act", have each group explain why they chose that scene as their pivotal moment.

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